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   You can click on any of the numbers or text below to see additional information! 1 Roof Overhang 2 Siding Options 3 Door Options | Sliding | Overhead 4 Trusses 5 Roof Purlins | Rafters 6 Wall Studs (Girts) 7 Building Trim 8 Concrete Flooring 9 Eavelights 10 Vapor [...]

Mini Barn/Shed Exploded Diagram

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Each of our Mini Barns/Sheds are designed and built to your custom order.  They are built offsite and delivered complete to your location, ready-to-use!  Many of these features are what makes our Mini Barns/Sheds superior to the competition, and what make them long-lasting with very low maintenance requirements. 1.  Metal [...]

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6 Steps To Laying Out Your New Pole Building

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Click below to download a 6 Step document that will assist you in laying out your new pole building.  (Note:  This file is 6.6 mb.  It may take a while to download on slow internet connections.)   6 Steps to Laying Out Your Pole Building   © Locke Buildings 2014-2016

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New Photos Added to our Galleries

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We just added a lot of photos today to our Galleries.  We added pictures of Roofing, Concrete, Pole Buildings and Ridgeview Mini Barns.  These are all recent projects.   You can view our Galleries here on this web site at: Our Web Site Photo Galleries   You can also view [...]

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Metallion Industries Color Assistant (Color Selector)

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A new feature added to this web site (December 2014) is a link throughout the site to the Metallion Industries Color Assistant. Since one of the integral components to everything Locke Buildings does involves metal siding and roofing materials, we thought you would enjoy a link to the Metallion Color [...]

New Videos For Product Information

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Please make sure to check out our RESOURCES page.  There are several new videos posted there for information on roofing and siding panels.  There is information on MagnaRib and PBR metal panels, information on Polycarbonate Clear and Translucent panels, and also a new video on the 40 year warranty of [...]