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   You can click on any of the numbers or text below to see additional information! 1 Roof Overhang 2 Siding Options 3 Door Options | Sliding | Overhead 4 Trusses 5 Roof Purlins | Rafters 6 Wall Studs (Girts) 7 Building Trim 8 Concrete Flooring 9 Eavelights 10 Vapor [...]



[yendifplayer playlist=8] Download an installation manual. MAGNA RIB   Pre-Painted! Full 36” net coverage. Normally 29ga. Purlin-bearing edge for strength while fastening side laps. Anti-siphoning side lap. 8 intermediate stiffening ribs add extra strength to this panel. Custom lengths 3’ through 40’0” in cut-to-length 1” increments.   12” or 16” [...]



Windows of all types and sizes Windows allow lots of light and create great ventilation. When designing a pole building it is a good idea to contact Locke Buildings to verify there are no engineering issues. Much of the time pole buildings sheer strength comes from metal siding.  It usually [...]

Entry Doorways


 Series 99 Durable white painted embossed steel skins standard High tensile aluminum panel surround with reinforced corners for maximum strength 3 1/2” Pre-hung 4-way universal swing jamb system Optional fixed pin hinges for extra security Polyurethane foam core, R-value 9.5 Comes with keyed lockset, 3 stainless steel hinges, weather stripping [...]

Vapor Barriers – Insulation in Clackamas


Low - E Vapor Plus and Low-E Foil • Saves time and money • Non - toxic — No fiberglass Seals tight around fasteners Certified ASTM testing Microcell polyethylene foam construction Improve energy efficiency Vapor barrier and thermal break all in one   Condensation Control Blanket Helps reduce exterior / [...]



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OboH7owbTg Clear Span Trusses Trusses allow for clear spans up to 100’. (no interior poles)   Trusses are engineered to snow load at building location. Trusses can be designed and engineered for ceiling joists to bottom cord of truss. Rafters Rafters allow for ample head room. Ideal for [...]

Eave Lights


  [yendifplayer video=5] Many clients choose to add custom eave lights to their project.  They add lots of natural light, which many clients find desirable. Polycarbonate Up to 20% stronger than fiberglass 100% U.V. Protection 90% light transmission Clear as glass . . . won’t yellow with age Custom cut [...]

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