Frequently Asked Questions for Mini Barns and Sheds in Clackamas, OR

Here are some FAAQ’s (Frequently Asked/Answered Questions) that are common when people are trying to decide if a Locke Buildings Mini Barns/Sheds is the right option for them.  If you still have questions after reviewing this information, please give us a call!

Q.  What are the main differences between a Pole Building and Mini Barn/Shed?



Pole Barn

Mini Barn/Shed

Custom-built? Yes – completely on customer’s site. Features – yes. Sizes – no.
Custom-sizes? Yes – completely. From really small to massive. No. Standard sizes only. Typically much smaller than pole buildings.
Are permits required? Yes Not typically, but it is the responsibility of the customer to confirm their local regulations.
Where is it built? 100% built on the customer’s site. 100% built on our site and delivered to the customer complete.
Is special site preparation required? Yes, normally, from extensive excavation and foundations to simple leveled gravel floors. If the location is level, it is not typically needed. Sloping grounds may require some type of leveling (extra charges apply).
Construction type? Pole support beams with some type of foundation and wood frame construction. Choice of siding and roofing options. Typically painted steel siding and roofing. Self-standing installation on wood runner base, plywood flooring, wood frame construction. 29 gauge painted steel siding and roofing.
Can plumbing and electric be installed? Yes, by a licensed plumber or electrician.   Permits may be required. Yes, by a licensed plumber or electrician.   Permits may be required.
Can they be insulated? Yes Yes
Can they be sheetrocked and finished? Yes Ask us for pricing.
Do you offer finishing services? Not at this time. Not at this time.
Time to install? From several weeks to several months, depending on the installation. Generally within 2 weeks after the order is completed.
Permitted uses for the structure? Storage, living space, office/business and workshop space, and much more. Generally storage only, but other business and personal uses are possible. Check your local regulations and see us for more details.

Q.  What type of wood frame construction is used for the Locke Buildings Mini Barns/Sheds?

A.  The base skids are 4 X 6.  Floor framing is 2 X 4, 16″ on center.  Walls are 2 X 4.  Rafters may be  2 X 4 or 2 X 6, depending on structure size.


Q.  Are they available in different construction styles?

A.  Yes.

SHED STYLE:  MiniBarn3a




Q.  Do you charge for delivery?

A.  Delivery is FREE within our local delivery area, defined as within a 20 mile radius of our offices in Estacada, OR.


Q.  What type of options are available on the Locke BuildingsMini Barns/Sheds?

A.  Windows and doors, in a variety of sizes, entry ramps, gable vents, insulation and work benches.


Q.  What are the most popular options requested?

A.  Windows and entry ramps.


Q.  Is there a warranty on the Locke Buildings Mini Barns/Sheds?

A.  Yes.  5 year warranty on the structure (materials and workmanship) and a 40 year manufacturer’s warranty on the painted steel siding and roofing material.


Q.  What are some of the superior features of our Locke Buildings Mini Barns/Sheds?

A.  Our buildings will last longer, and be low-maintenance due to the guaranteed painted steel siding and roofing material.  Our standard flooring material is 3/4″ cdx plywood, which is glued down to prevent squeaking and is more sturdy.  Our flooring is designed as a home floor would be.  We also offer the option of insulation with a vinyl-backed vapor barrier in the walls and on the roof.


For more information, please contact Locke Buildings.

Please see our Pricing and Options information to obtain a general price.