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Oregon & Washington’s Pole Building Experts!

Pole Building Pricing

This is a small sampling of what we offer

Frustration Free Pole Building Kits Make Post Frame Building  Fast and Easy

Pole Building Kit Framing

36' x 48' x 12,6"

Material Kit $19,286
Full Labor & Materials $37,377
Pole building kit wall girts

40' x 60' x 16'6"

Material Kit $27,692
Full Labor & Materials $50,363
Pole Building Kit DIY Garage

48' x 72' x 16'6"

Material Kit $38,098
Full Labor & Materials $69,094

What goes in to a Locke Pole Building Kit?

Every Locke Building kit starts with YOU.

Depending on the style of building you desire, usage, and building site, we will design a post frame pole building kit that will suit your needs. Want to design it yourself? We now offer a complete DIY pole building designer app to build a custom pole building kit.

Site Preparation

It is important to choose a building site that is suitable for your desired pole building.  A flat level pad can be achieved with ground excavation and compacted gravel.   A proper building site will ensure your are satisfied with the end results. 

Post Hole Drilling

You can dig or drill post holes yourself or you can have us set the poles for you.  Plumb poles that are properly distanced is the foundation of a good post framed building.  

Concrete Flooring

If you want a super flat floor you might want to leave this step to the profesionals.  You ask us to figure this in to your build kit or you can go with your favorite local concrete contractor. 

Lumber & Trusses

Our kits will come with every piece of lumber you need to complete your build.  No more trips to the lumber yard!  When it comes to trusses we can drop them off right on top of your building so all you need is to stand them upright.  

Doors & Windows

Windows and doors come with all necessary hardware as well as wood needed to place your window or door just where you wanted it.  Standard girts or comercial wall girts can be designed into your kit if you desire an insulated building.  We only use quality windows and metal doors.

Metal Siding & Roofing

Metal roofing and siding can be easy to work with on smaller buildings but once it gets to the longer lengths you will need more hands.  We will gladly offer you  our helping hands to complete it for your or use your own help to do it yourself. 

IMG_5482Locke Buildings offers the best solutions for your unique job site location including any necessary site preparation. We can help you with County and or City requirements or we can complete the permit work for you. We provide complete “Do It Yourself Plans” and engineering when needed. Locke Building kits come delivered with all the materials for your project, right down to the nuts and bolts, vents, flashing, doors, windows, roofing material and siding. Make your next pole barn a Locke Building!


Pole Building Kits will Help Your Build Go Faster!

Want to design it your self? We now offer a complete DIY pole building designer to customize your pole building kit.