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Wall Studs (Girts)

Walls in traditional framed buildings are made out of framed wall studs.  Wall boards on a pole building are called girts. Girts are installed horizontally and attach directly to posts. This allows the load to be transferred to the poles. This is main reason pole buildings do not need a traditional foundation, which result in substantial cost savings.

Learn about the different types of girts you can use when building a pole barn or pole building.

Standard Girts

pole building wall girts standard

  • Girts are commonly framed in two main ways, standard and commercial.
  • Standard girt as seen above are nailed flat to the outside of poles.

 wall girts standard

  • Standard girts usually can be installed without cutting boards which saves labor and material.
  • If you intend to install insulation or sheetrock you may want to consider commercial girts.

Commercial Girts

pole building wall girts commercial






  • Commercial girts are installed flat and installed between posts.
  • Allows for traditional insulation and sheeting such as plywood or sheetrock.

wall girts commercial style

  • Commercial girts are stronger than standard girts which allows spacing of poles to be greater than 12’, which can save money by gaining more square foot of building without adding more posts of trusses.
  • Commercial girts cost more due to the additional lumber needed for blocking and labor to cut boards to size.

Locke Buildings can help weight the cost of choosing standard vs. commercial wall girts.   Sometimes you might only need commercial girts in an insulated office space and can use standard wall girts in non-insulated spaces.   Our team is ready to help ensure your pole building project is everything you want!