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Raising the Roof


This video demonstrates a new way that Locke Buildings is using on certain projects (when appropriate) to raise the roof trusses without the use of a crane, which is usually utilized.  Talk with us to find out if this may be appropriate for your new project.

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6 Steps To Laying Out Your New Pole Building


Click below to download a 6 Step document that will assist you in laying out your new pole building.  (Note:  This file is 6.6 mb.  It may take a while to download on slow internet connections.)   6 Steps to Laying Out Your Pole Building   © Locke Buildings 2014-2016

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   You can click on any of the numbers or text below to see additional information! 1 Roof Overhang 2 Siding Options 3 Door Options | Sliding | Overhead 4 Trusses 5 Roof Purlins | Rafters 6 Wall Studs (Girts) 7 Building Trim 8 Concrete Flooring 9 Eavelights 10 Vapor [...]

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