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Raising the Roof


This video demonstrates a new way that Locke Buildings is using on certain projects (when appropriate) to raise the roof trusses without the use of a crane, which is usually utilized.  Talk with us to find out if this may be appropriate for your new project.

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6 Steps To Laying Out Your New Pole Building


Click below to download a 6 Step document that will assist you in laying out your new pole building.  (Note:  This file is 6.6 mb.  It may take a while to download on slow internet connections.)   6 Steps to Laying Out Your Pole Building   © Locke Buildings 2014-2016

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Metallion Industries Color Assistant (Color Selector)


A new feature added to this web site (December 2014) is a link throughout the site to the Metallion Industries Color Assistant. Since one of the integral components to everything Locke Buildings does involves metal siding and roofing materials, we thought you would enjoy a link to the Metallion Color [...]


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   You can click on any of the numbers or text below to see additional information! 1 Roof Overhang 2 Siding Options 3 Door Options | Sliding | Overhead 4 Trusses 5 Roof Purlins | Rafters 6 Wall Studs (Girts) 7 Building Trim 8 Concrete Flooring 9 Eavelights 10 Vapor [...]

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