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[yendifplayer playlist=8] Download an installation manual. MAGNA RIB   Pre-Painted! Full 36” net coverage. Normally 29ga. Purlin-bearing edge for strength while fastening side laps. Anti-siphoning side lap. 8 intermediate stiffening ribs add extra strength to this panel. Custom lengths 3’ through 40’0” in cut-to-length 1” increments.   12” or 16” [...]

Vapor Barriers – Insulation in Clackamas


Low - E Vapor Plus and Low-E Foil • Saves time and money • Non - toxic — No fiberglass Seals tight around fasteners Certified ASTM testing Microcell polyethylene foam construction Improve energy efficiency Vapor barrier and thermal break all in one   Condensation Control Blanket Helps reduce exterior / [...]

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