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Overhang Options For Pole Buildings

The overhang on a pole building not only serves the functional purpose of protecting the building to one degree or another, but also defines the visual appeal of the building.  Here are some examples of different styles for you to consider.

Without Overhangs

Pole Bujilding No Overhang

  •  Many people choose to go with no overhangs due to the cost savings. This style is very popular with the agricultural and equestrian applications.


With Overhangs

Pole Building with overhang 

  • Overhangs are custom look and are used more In residential areas.
  • When using wood siding it is recommended tohave overhangs to help keep water away.
  • Overhangs do cost more.
  • Overhangs can be wrapped with metal.


  Framed overhangs

 Pole Building Framed Overhang



  • Overhangs on pole building are custom built.