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Siding Options

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Siding offers a large range of options and colors.  Here are a few for your consideration.  Please contact us directly for more information.  Want to know more about our color options?

  • Our 3’ metal Siding and Roofing are structurally rated.
  • Most of our metal Siding and Roofing has a 40 year  warranty.
  • Sale material available. Call for pricing.



 Siding Magna Rib  Siding Magna Rib Profile

  • The product is pre-painted!
  • Full 36” net coverage. Normally 29ga.
  • Purlin-bearing edge for strength while fastening side laps.
  • Anti-siphoning side lap.
  • 8 intermediate stiffening ribs add extra strength to this panel.
  • Custom lengths 3’ through 40’0” in cut-to-length 1” increments.

 3’ PBR

Siding PBR Siding PBR Profile

  • The product is pre-painted!
  • Excellent for commercial and industrial applications.
  • 26 gauge full hard (80 ksi) steel.
  • PBR panels require a minimum slope of 1:12.
  • UL90 rating for PBR panels when attached to steel purlins.
  • Custom lengths 3’ through 40’0” in cut-to-length 1” increments.


 Roof & Wall Screw

Siding Screws

  • High hex washer head provides driving stability.
  • Assembled with a control seal washer for a consistent, weather tight seal.
  • Alternate mechanical zinc (.001″ min thick) plus Silver Sentri™ coated offers increased corrosion protection.


Board and Batt

Siding Board and Batt

  • Board and batt can be stained or painted.
  • We use 5/8” rough sawn T-111 plywood sheeting.
  • Batts can be 1×2, 1×3,or 1×4 .
  • Batts spaced to customers preference. (Picture above batts are 1×2 at 12” spacing).


T-111 Plywood Siding

Siding T111

  • Standard 5/8” T-111 siding with groves at 4”and 8”.
  • T-111 is structural. Usually do not need sub siding.
  • Can be painted or stained.


Cement Fiber Lap Siding

Siding Fiber Cemenet Lap

  • Cement fiber lap siding is very  popular in new home construction and can be used on pole buildings.
  • Must have structural sub siding.
  • Must be painted.

Steel Lap Siding  

Siding Steel Lap   Siding Steel Lap Profile

  • Metal lap siding  has the aesthetic value of traditional siding without the maintenance.
  • No seams. Cut to length.
  • Pre-painted.
  • Requires subsiding.


Cement fiber siding with board and batt

Siding Fiber Cement boar and bat

  • You can use any number of siding products and combination of siding components with pole buildings.